GA1 certification in Ireland

McMahon Safety provides businesses with all the required testing, inspection and certification of machinery and equipment, in accordance with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Regulations 2010. Inspections are done nationwide by fully LOLER and PUWER approved Inspectors, who can test all equipment that needs the GA1 certification.

Why do I need a GA1 cert?

The inspection’s purpose is to ensure the safety of equipment and machinery in the workplace. Businesses are required by law to have their equipment inspected regularly, as they can deteriorate for a number of reasons and can lead to both machine and structural weakness.

It is the employer’s responsibility to maintain the standard of all work equipment through regular maintenance and ensure machinery and equipment safety with certified inspections. To protect your staff, the general public and your business, you need a valid and up to date GA1 certificate for your machinery and equipment

What is a GA1 cert?

A GA1 cert is a form issued after an inspection, verifying that the machinery and equipment are safe to operate. The report may also note any necessary repairs needed and a timeline for these. McMahon Safety helps you operate within legislative requirements and maintain a safe workplace for your employees.

What is a GA1 Form?

After an inspection, McMahon Safety will provide you with an up to date GA1 form produced by the Health & Safety Authority in Ireland. The form will include all relevant business and equipment details and, if required, also repairs to be fulfilled and timelines for these.

How long does a GA1 cert last?

Inspections are required every 6 or 12 months. Equipment that deteriorates faster may need inspections, and up to date GA1 certificates more frequently.

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